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1. mantra

noun. ['?m?ntr?'] (Sanskrit) literally a `sacred utterance' in Vedism; one of a collection of orally transmitted poetic hymns.


  • sacred writing
  • religious writing
  • religious text


  • ?????? (Sanskrit)

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Example sentences of the word mantra

1. Noun, singular or mass
The teacher may begin or end practice with a mantra.

2. Adjective
A mantra often works better for getting across a single idea of an organization and its value to people.

Quotes containing the word mantra

1. Thoughts are one of the most creative powers we have as human beings. If you hold the mantra in your mind that you are continually becoming more healthful and radiant, that is what you will become.
- Dashama Konah Gordon, Journey to Joyful: Transform Your Life with Pranashama Yoga

2. mantra

noun. ['?m?ntr?'] a commonly repeated word or phrase.


  • slogan
  • catchword
  • motto


  • ?????? (Sanskrit)